"5 DIY Tips to Rank Higher in Google Search" - June 28th
Join Us On This Free Training - And Learn How to FINALLY Get Your Website Showing up High in Google Searches
Meet Your Hosts
"I felt so overwhelmed with SEO and improving my website. Amy and Tuni made is so easy by breaking things down into simple steps and walking you through it all!"

- Audrey Massart-McInerney
Amy Fields
Tuni Schartner
"LOVE this course - I’m really appreciating this training because it’s the building block that I haven’t gotten yet."

- Lori Delfosse
Wednesday, June 28th
1:00 PM EST
12:00 PM CST
10:00 AM PST
your information is never shared, rented, or sold...
Wednesday, June 28th
4:00 PM EST
3:00 PM CST
1:00 PM PST
your information is never shared, rented, or sold...
In The Free Training You'll Learn

  •  How to skyrocket your website up in search results to start not just showing up in Google Search Results, but how to show up higher.
  •  How to drive more traffic and sales through your website without spending thousands of dollars on advertising.
  •  How you can easily manage your own SEO successfully while saving time and money. 
  •  How you can beat out your competition in local search.
  •  How to break through the confusion and jargon around SEO and finally understand the techniques that work.

The first step towards successfully growing your business is to show up live! That's all you have to do!
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